Wednesday, May 24, 2017



Welcome to the home page of the Oklahoma Market Assistance Program. We hope that you will find the information available in this site helpful in assisting you in placing insurance protection on owner-occupied dwellings and mobile homes. In order to assist you we have made available the rules and statutes governing the program, contact information, and current applications that may be downloaded and submitted along with photographs of the property.

The program is designed for persons who are having difficulty in finding insurance coverage on their owner-occupied home or mobile home. We will make every effort to find a company that will provide protection for your property. Insurance companies have the flexibility of offering different types of coverage, deductibles, and premiums than the applicant may have carried in the past. It is very important that the applicant understand the coverage, deductible, and premium being charged prior to accepting an offer by a company.

There have been changes in the program since it was first begun in 1986. Insurance agents and company personnel should take time to become familiar with the program in order to continue to provide a market for this important insurance protection.


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